Skywalker OG (2022) Grow Journal


  1.  Got the seeds from ILGM's (3x5) Hero Mix Pack just about two years ago.
  2. (4-21-22) Started germination - (4-23-22) Popped
  3. Planted into the ground (4-25-22)
  4. (4-28-22) Sprouted in three days.
  5. Introduced fish emulsion nutrients (5-3-22) once true leaves take over the cotyledon leaves.
  6. (5-4-22) almost killed her..


Now we're just waiting for the trichomes to amber up!



Flowers Fattening




That flower stretch in 22 days, really makes a big difference from the beginning of the month and now.

Pre-flowers Poppin'




Vegging in July






oops.. after 6 days

Yep, almost killed this little fucker - (5-4-22)

Doesn't take long to cook a leaf, couple hours and fried..

At least the next true leaves aren't cooked, so we can bank on her to survive my negligence. Luckily I saw this shit happening just before heading to work and quickly covered it with green privacy screen that you can see in the background.

5 days later..

(5-3-22) The true leaves are over taking the cotyledon leaves.

Introduced some fish emulsion nutrients today, once the true leaves started to take over. You can use one to two tablespoons of emulsion to one gallon of water, for a shot of nitro to your plants. This stuff is cheap, about ten bucks for 32 ounces which lasts the whole season.

She Sprouted!

On (4-28-22) Skywalker OG popped out of the ground.. not too shabby for a three day sprout.


After two days, Skywalker OG looking good..

Welcome to my second grow 2022!

Ðean here just sharing this grow journal with you to keep spreading Aloha across the globe..

 Started germinating April 21st along with Triangle Kush and Skywalker started to show popping around the 23rd, somewhat way ahead of TKush. Didn't soak them like I usually do, which maybe why TKush is lagging (who knows). Hope it's not a dud..

I keep an eye on them for a couple of days to regulate the wetness of the paper towel so that they don't dry out or over soak the seeds.

Pretty dry out here in Arizona, so keeping the paper towel wet can be an issue..

 The cut up plastic sandwich bags help to retain water, while sitting the paper towel on top of them for a bit will dry them out. So watch closely when you need to wet them down or dry them out, because they have to be just right. The toothpick provides air flow to the seed area, while keeping the paper towel moist.

(4-24-22) I'm also multitasking with recording my drum parts for my band "Telling The Toll". The song is (Stone That Bleeds) which you can check out by clicking here.

Skywalker OG came in a three pack of five seeds each - called the (3x5) Hero Mix Pack that I got from ILGM.

Along with all that I'm gonna start germinating the two hot babes from DC and Marvel Comics - which is Wonder Woman from Seedsman and Black Widow from ILGM, last year Wonder Woman kicked ass!

And this year I'm wondering what the Black Widow phenotype is gonna do - compared to last years feminized seed, which turned out kinda lame - but I've only got a couple strains of feminized seeds to choose from.. so here we are.

Good is good enough.. ready to put in the ground! (4-25-22) not bad for a three to four day germination.


Diggin' It!

This part can be a pain in the ass, especially when you hit big ass rocks like the one's in this pic..
Working on the holes outside today too! Damn rocks.. (4-24-22)

Went down about two feet and now ready for some compost. (note the hole on the bottom of the bucket)


Fill the bucket with compost, I prefer to use Big Rootz Potting Soil by The Soil King - which I get from my local Bull Mountain Hydro in Kingman Arizona. One bag of Big Rootz will leave you with about a third left after filling up a two foot long bucket like the one below..
Just bury the bucket up to the ridges with dirt, while shaking and lifting on the bucket.

The compost will fill the hole as the dirt immediately surrounds it at the same time!
The holes filled with compost!

Pest Barrier

In Golden Valley Arizona there's squirrels, desert rats and rabbits that'll tear up your plants real quick!
Put barrier in place.

Add water and fill reservoir all the way to the top of the compost mound.

Bury The Germinated Seed

(4-25-22) Add water again and let it rise to top of the mound after planting the germinated seed and cap off the barrier with more screen.