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 Welcome to the Best Home Grown journal area, where you can track with us our grows for the following strains and year.

2021 (Last Years 1st Grow Season)











2022 (2nd Grow Season)

Strains this year:

Sprouted 5 of 6 since (5-7-22).. not too bad

  1. Skywalker OG - Topped (5-28-22)
  2. Triangle Kush - Topped (5-28-22)
  3. Wonder Woman - Topped (5-28-22)
  4. Wonder Woman-2 - Topped (5-28-22)
  5. Bruce Banner - Topped (5-27-22)
  6. Good ol Days - Planted 5-19-22

Materials: $161 for 6 plants = Minimum 6 Pounds of Bud!
For a savings of $7,405.00! as of (5-7-22)


Skywalker OG sprouting and didn't know the peril that what was about to happen next..

Well, so far this year we've got no fried beans and a dud.. Not too bad for a first go at directly planting into the ground outside.

That makes it 5 beans sprouted and one dud. (5-5-22) Luckily I've started three more, Wonder Woman in a pot and two other beans on the germinate soak routine.

2022 Summary:

  • Would've been better to start in early spring (March) instead of mid and late, that way they can vegetate for at least another month. We'll test this next year and see if we can extend veg time, while avoiding early flowering and re-veg issues like last year.
  • (Heat Issues) So far we've learned that even though at 70 degrees, the direct UV from sunlight can scorch young seedlings. Could've saved two to three weeks in vegetative growth, if this problem was avoided.

2023 (3rd Season)

Desert Strains:

Winter Outdoor Auto-Strains:

  • Pure Sativa - Durban Poison - AutoFem
  • Indica Dominant - Afghan Kush - AutoFem 
  • Indica Dominant - Super Critical - AutoFem
  • 50/50 - White Widow - AutoFem  
  • Indica Dominant - Ruderalis Indica - Regular
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