How To Clean Your Buds

Bud Dipping is relatively easy using the three bucket routine. Buckets one and three are just plain water, while the second bucket contains citric acid.  I simply dip a cola into the first bucket for 10 to 20 seconds, then shake as much debris off of it an repeat for heavily soiled buds. The second bucket contains about 3 tablespoons of dissolved granulated citric acid. And just dip the bud in it for about 20 seconds, then hang up to soak and drip for a bit. The third bucket is plain water for the final 20 second dip and rinse. I shake it up a little just to get as much debris off and that's it! Outdoors my plants can get really dirty with bugs, caterpillar shit and spots of bud rot. Bud rinsing can eliminate the mess involved with outdoor growing and leave you with a more terpine rich smelling product that'll travel throughout the house in no time flat. Just hang dry the plants after rinsing and burp em when they're ready and you'll have some dank potent buds at the re

History of Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

 The year was 1911 and the beginning of Prohibition ignited because legislatures in the state of Massachusetts placed a ban on the cultivation of cannabis , which is one of the major reasons why indoor grown cannabis began gaining popularity in the United States. Here is an Indoor example using the " Bonsai Method " of cultivating Mother Plant Clones.   And because of Proposition 19 in 1972, indoor cultivation began to become more popular around 1996 when California legalized growing. Bruce Banner Outdoors And now that it's legal in most States, outdoor growing is back! Which we can now enjoy by saving on energy costs and finally grow strains with terroir , natural seed dormancy preservation and improved pest resistance plus outdoor vigor.

Trichome Time..

  (10-9-22) Skywalker OG Getting ready to kick out more amber trichomes soon..   At the beginning this plant almost died as an early seedling sprout by sunburn - just hours before I caught it just in time.   And how here she is, in her glory and almost ready to be harvested.

Hey Bud.. Let's Party!

Wonder Woman Strain This one started out strong and finishing up just the same.. One of the first this season to veg for a bit in a 2.5 inch pot before being planted into the ground. Here she is looking gorgeous in a Manifold (10-2-22) Skywalker OG Almost killed this one shortly after she sprouted, because the sun was blazing and I didn't provide any shade for it. Nice fat buds this year!   (10-2-22)

2022 Pre-flowers Poppin'

Let The Stretching Begin! Here's Skywalker OG from this morning.. (8-2-22) The cool thing about the flowering stage is that the plants begin to stretch and double in size. Evolution has taught them to get as tall as possible, so that they can catch more pollen to produce an abundance of seeds to keep the species going. (8-2-22) But in our case, the stretch is awesome because now we're producing more fat ass sticky buds instead of seeds. Wonder Woman (8-2-22) (8-2-22) Triangle Kush (8-3-22) (8-3-22)

And - Disaster..

But not really.. Holy shit right?! The cool thing is that I've seen this before, because it happened to Black Widow and Wonder Woman last year. By rights you'd think that this would be a total disaster for this Bruce Banner strain, because the main stalk is totally split down the middle. And you'd be right if you didn't know what to do. So last year when this happened, I had to act quickly and grabbed some 14 gauge electrical wire and hastily tied the branches back together like I did here.. And luckily it worked, the plants fully recovered and produced a couple pounds of tasty bud! There's still somewhat of a gap, but I've seen this before too and plants can still recover from something like this. So we'll just have to see and wait.. Fingers crossed! I was at work last night when I heard of the storm from my coworkers and immediately thought holy shit - because I already knew that these things wreak havoc on my plants. But when I got home it was too dark t

2022 Season Update

At over a hundred degrees this summer, the elements have reigned some brutal heat on these babies. But since we've taken special precautions to battle the weather - our plants are doing quite well, despite some of my major fuck ups too. Bruce Banner Started strong right out of the gate, but still can't take direct sunlight without shade. We'll have to see what happens later on. 7-22-22   Skywalker OG Got beat up at the beginning, but now shows a couple of colas and just may produce a few fat ones.   7-22-22 Triangle Kush Is just the opposite, because she started great and all of a sudden had to lose three branches due to unknown causes. But now she's got at least three colas that we can work with.   7-22-22 Wonder Woman Looked good from the beginning and continues to thrive, stretching out further in a full manifold than the others in direct sunlight without shade. 7-22-22