The Ultimate Green House

 Maximizing yields and having a versatile grow space is ideal when planning your green house. For instance, if you'd want to be able to grow regular, feminized and autoflower seeded plants and or clones in the same area - a green house like this would allow you to give yourself more options to grow all year round using very little if no power at all.

You can also save money by using nature and supplement lighting by growing outdoors in a green house.

In my area, it's too hot to grow in a green house during the summer - but when fall rolls around, I can have another cycle up and running in the green house for a trichome hefty winter harvest.

To do this, just simply plan your green house to have power with electrical outlets and switches for lights and irrigation. That way you can be ready for ALL types of seeds and clones, as well as automating the watering process and free up your time.