Triangle Kush

I'm not a monster!


But Did You Die..!?

This is what seedlings look like when they grow upside down! (Damn.. somebodies hands need some lotion!)

Manifold training on FrankenKush after replanting, while vegging 24 hours a day under a florescent shop light.

Okay so here's the scoop on this Triangle Kush.

We thought this seedling was dead because it never popped out and because it was one of the ones that we decided to germinate straight into soil instead of doing the paper towel trick.

And after a week or so with no pop, disappointed - I took it out back and tossed the 2.5 inch pot on the ground just to see what flies out. And what do you know.. I find out that this thing was growing upside down under the soil!

I quickly decided to save it and see if anything would come of it. So I replanted it right side up in another 2.5 inch pot.

And this is what we got!

Fat ass 3.5 inch thick - long colas!

And this is how they looked just before finishing..

So never judge a book by its cover.. because its story just may surprise you!

Got the seeds from Humboldt CSI and one of my friends laughed when I told them that I sent them cash in the mail old school style, but they delivered the beans pretty fast. And the best thing is that we actually didn't pay for these TKush seeds because they kicked em down for free with our order of '79 Xmas Bud.

As you can tell, this isn't just Triangle Kush.

The label states that this strain is actually Triangle Kush ~ Fallen Soldiers, Mixed Cultivars x Triangle Kush - but for the sake of being less wordy; we've just been calling it Triangle Kush. Either way, this baby kicks out some pretty fat colas and you can ask the guys at Humboldt CSI for the hookup. Or better yet, go and grab the Triangle Kush S1 and any other strains they've got. Because fat colas is what we've been seeing these guys kick out, especially outdoors.

We were able to top off the first plant and clone it, so what you see in the picture above is actually two plants of TKush in front of each other. The clone actually seemed to produce long fat colas too, while the manifolded one from seed - almost fell over because of all the dense heavy buds.