Wonder Woman 2 (2022) Grow Journal

Love how this hybrid has the best of both worlds with sativa spun, to a couch lock indica.

Wonder Woman 2 Overview:

  1.  Got the Wonder Woman feminized seeds from Seedsman in December of 2020. They came packaged in an original Nirvana container.
  2. (5-2-22) Started germination - (5-4-22) Popped
  3. Planted into 2.5 inch pot (5-5-22) 
  4. Sprouted (5-7-22) and planted into the ground outside with shade.

August Preflower



July Manifold & Veg

Here she is thriving at temperatures of over a hundred degrees, scorching winds and glaring UV rays. 






Manifold of eight colas close up (7-3-22).



Topped Off + LST in June

Wonder Woman in Manifold training 6-16-22

Sprouted in May

 (5-7-22) Stuck her in the ground today and gave her some water with shade.

Pot Planted

 This time I vouched for a 2.5 inch pot.. (5-5-22)

Soak & Germinate

  1. (5-2-22) Seed soak in shot glass with 7.0 pH filtered water for 16 to 24 hours (test with tapping seed and it falls to the bottom) then transfer to moist paper towel.