Wonder Woman 1 (2022) Grow Journal

Welp Wonder Woman is back!

This hybrid has the best of both worlds with sativa spun, to a couch lock indica.

Overview Wonder Woman 1:

  1.  Got the Wonder Woman feminized seeds from Seedsman in December of 2020. They came packaged in an original Nirvana container.
  2. (4-24-22) Started germination - (4-26-22) Popped
  3. Planted into the ground (4-29-22) 
  4. Sprouted (5-1-22) thought she didn't make it 😢 but on (5-6-22) her true leaves started looking good 🤗

Sprouted (5-1-22)

(Wonder Woman 1) Either the ants ate the Cotyledon leaves or she sprouted without them. Regardless, this one might not make it. So I'm going to germinate another just in case..

Seems like planting directly into the ground in some cases, may not work as well as starting them in two inch pots. The UV sunlight may be too intense here in Arizona for newly germinated seedlings, or it could've been the fuckin' ants.


Two days later from the turtle head germination, now she looks like this..

Wonder Woman 1 (4-28-22)  

Grow Area

Well, got it all dug out and prepped! (4-28-22)

Ready for Wonder Woman 1 and Black Widow