Best Way To Juice Cannabis For Boosting The Immune System and Reducing Inflammation

The benefits of juicing cannabis are many, but the availability of it is definitely not.

So the best way to try juicing cannabis leaves, stems and flowers is by growing it yourself.


The fastest way to start is by obtaining clones, which are cannabis plants that have been cut and regenerated - to grow roots and become a duplicate of the original cut plant.

The problem you might have guessed, is finding some clones for you to start from. But you can inquire at any local dispensary, because some of them usually have a farm of their own. And another way is to go to a local hydroponic store and network with other growers in the area.

But if clones aren't an option for you, than you can start from seed. Which by the way, is a lot easier than you'd think. Because online seed banks are a dime a dozen these days.

It's just that germination and seedling grow times take longer than getting a clone from someone else and clones sometimes grow faster than seedlings once they take root.

HIx5 seeds from Pua Mana Ohana in Hawaii

Consider our free grow guide to help you grow your own cannabis and reap the benefits of juicing cannabis as a super-food for health.

The Best Way To Juice Cannabis

Ultimately juicing fresh raw cannabis leaves, flowers and stems are the primo choice. But as small time garden growers, you won't have as much material from just a couple of plants while their still young.

So until they get bigger as with outdoor grows and during the vegetative stage, you'll probably result to freezing the leaves and stems until you have enough material to juice from.

And this is usually done while defoliating and training your cannabis plants for better yields. When they're still small, probably about six to ten inches or so. Simply lop off two stems from the first node to start and save it in a one gallon freezer bag and put it in the freezer. Again, you can refer more from our guide to know how and when to take cuttings from your plants.

Once you've collected about two freezer bags full, simply fire up your juicer and juice away! What we normally prefer is to separate the juice into ice cubes and separately save the squeezed plant material into small freezer bags.

That way when you wanna consume the juice, simply set it out to thaw or pop a cube in a cup of hot coffee or tea and enjoy. And when you want the added fiber benefits, just defrost the squeezed plant material and add it to a salad.