Eliminate The pH Mystery With One Simple Solution

For cannabis in soil a pH of 6.0-7.0 is your optimum range and for hydroponic, soilless & coco you're looking at an optimum range of 5.5-6.5 pH.

To make things super easy, we use a water ionizer that creates both alkaline and acidic water that ranges from 11.0 alkaline to 2.5 acidic pH water.

Cannabis in the wild thrives on acidic water and proper pH at the roots helps to deliver nutrients that the plants need.

Luckily for us, our water ionizer has a standard setting for 6.0 pH acidic water and 7.0 pH neutral - that's ready for dispense, at any moments notice.

I initially didn't get a water ionizer to specifically grow cannabis, but rather for health & income opportunity reasons in the beginning.

Regardless of the debate on drinking alkaline water, I've found that it works for me and later found that it works wonders for cannabis. Especially when I can just hit a button and instantly get the proper pH of 6.0 delivered directly to my plants.

And the reason why I keep using the same ionizer machine is because it's easy to maintain and I earn passive income from it. Passive income is an automatic way to make money, without having to actively work at it.

I know I'm lazy, but at least I can admit it. And since I'm also lazy at growing cannabis, I'm sure glad my machine can handle the proper pH for me instead of doing it the hard way.

Anyway, I actually forgot to introduce myself. My name is Ðean, I'm an artist and electrician. Recently I've been on workman's comp because I tore my rotator cuff on a job site. And will be out of commission for nine months after surgery.

Ever since I got hurt, I've been growing weed to keep my mind off of the boredom of being home all day. And I'm so glad that I began cultivating because these plants are amazing.

I started from seeds that I got online and immediately began cloning them from the start. My water machine proved to be a big game changer when it came to easily managing my pH issues.

From seedlings, vegetative and now on the edge of flowering for me is effortless. But to be honest, I do have troubles with nutrients because I get lazy and cut back on feedings. At least I've corrected it and have about another week or two before I can switch to flower.

Another health benefit I've been able to experience is juicing cannabis which is awesome too! So grow your own and try all these cool opportunities for being healthy and high!

We'll have to see how my machine does during flower! I'll promise to show pics of the buds when I'm done.