Pak-Indi: The Pure 50/50 Hybrid That Paks A Punch


Bred by Big Island Genetics on the Big Island in Hawaii. Here she is indoors at 11 on and 13 off, light schedule.


This lovely strain is a cross from two landrace strains. The Andh Sativa strain from India, crossed with an Indica Chitral Hindu Kush from Pakistan.

Outside this baby is getting huge..
At about six feet she just keeps on growing, even through intense 110+ degree heat with high monsoon wind and rains.. this baby can also take a punch!

Lost a Cola because of the last monsoon, but she keeps on going!

Got lucky by popping the first female bean and started off this seedling by training it into a manifold - a three topping technique that produces larger yields, which we picked up from one of Nebula Haze's tutorials.

As you can tell.. we're definitely curious to see what happens with our yield at the end of this outdoor season!

Close-up of the Manifold and broken Cola..

The reason why this plant is so big is because we dropped it in the ground too early in the season and it went through a re-veg. She did pretty good during re-veg and the leaves only went 3 instead of warped and curly - it all got better after Summer Solstice and the leaves started changing back from threes to fives.

So yeah.. we crushin' on this baby!


First Grow 2021

Tent Harvest:

Dried and Trimmed (19 grams) = first harvest ever!

  • 19 grams = (Minimum) Start Cure (8-16-21) - End Cure (8-30-21) + (Maximum) End Cure (9-13-21) or keep going for 6 months + vacuum seal for longer storage