Grow Weed Cheap and Easy!

 Keeping things simple is one of the best ways to grow the fattest crystalized buds every single time.

And one of the easiest ways to grow awesome weed is outdoors! Because nature is the best and cheapest way that leads to a very heavy harvest.

You don't need complicated nutrients when using the natural environment like the earth and sun, because the planet provides much more - than just food for your plants.

So let's get started..

After you've picked out your seeds and germinated them, simply transfer the germinated seed into a two inch pot or just stick it in the ground. Provide some protection from squirrels with quarter inch screen and call it a day.

When the plant gets bigger employ the manifold technique to increase yield and grow a ton more buds per plant! And during the vegetative stage you can use fish emulsion and black strap molasses to grow a much bigger plant with fatter crystalized buds.

Once the light changes around August through October, you can expect the plants to begin to flower. In which case you'll decrease the amount of fish emulsion and steadily keep up on with the black strap molasses. And you'll end up with a pound of four inch thick buds like this!