How To Grow Top Shelf Weed Outdoors In Mohave County Arizona

 Never mind the nutrients and the blazing sun, because when an unexpected monsoon hits you bet your ass them plants outside could be leveled in no time flat!

I've been able to thrive and survive monsoons during my first grow and if it wasn't for my resources, my total yield would have suffered greatly.

These plants can take a wind beating like you wouldn't believe, but when you add water and weight to those branches - they've got no choice but to snap right off and break.

Luckily for me, I have an arsenal of electrical wire and plaster scaffolding ready to keep my plants steady during those crazy ass monsoon storms.

What I do is wire up the branches of my manifolded plants to each other in the middle with Romex and wire up the tops to the scaffolding. This keeps the plants in place and inhibits them from whipping around and breaking with all the weight of heavy water on the leaves.

Surviving a monsoon isn't easy, but definitely possible and there's no reason why growers can't plant outside and have an awesome three to six pound harvest from six plants!