Eliminate Licenses To Sell Cannabis Products

 If you know how to grow sticky fat buds and huge outdoor plants, then you'll probably have a ton of toke for the rest of the year.

In which you can harvest all that excess trichomes for hash & rosin products, to enjoy potent smoke sessions everyday.


~Still smokin' last years shit..

Hell, you can even get healthy by juicing the leaves for a smoothie, or chop them up and mixing it in - with your salads. Because cannabis leaves are kind of a super food that's high in antioxidants and what better way to stay healthy, by eating and smoking your favorite plant.

Unfortunately without all the red tape of cannabis licensing and a food handlers card, you'll more than likely end up high and dry in the cannabis profit arena.

There is another way however to profit from your cannabis products WITHOUT having to sell it at all!

And that's through the use of your knowledge of growing your own weed. That's right, you can turn your knowledge into PROFIT!

The market for digital products like online courses, tutorials, memberships, eBooks, recipes, photography and videos etc. continues to grow everyday. And a steadily growing $950 billion dollar market is nothing to scoff at either.

Everything I've learned about growing potent weed came from digital format and the internet. So the best way to profit from what you've learned - is to share it online yourself.

This can easily be done with blogs, just like the one you're reading right now. And as you write, document and track your grows - the experience of what you share, can easily be turned into profit.

That way you can make money while enjoying all the benefits of growing and enjoying all your marijuana products WITHOUT having to sweat any legal mahambo bajambo and fully stay out of court.

So in essence the title of this article may somewhat be misleading, but at least you've discovered another way to make money by growing your own weed!