What The Hay! On Keeping Cannabis Plants Cool In The Scorching Summer

 Decided to try out some hay this year and it works like a charm! My plants are thriving in the Arizona high desert during triple digit heat.

At over a hundred degrees these plants are constantly growing and by keeping the soil cool with hay and shade cloth, these babies are gonna kick out some fat tasty buds.

Keeping on track is where it's at, because during the vegetative state - cannabis needs to robustly grow. And when it's time to flower, your plants need to have the size it requires to pump out the fattest buds it possibly can.

Excessive heat can slow this shit down, especially during the hottest days of the year and cause your harvest to be weak. So by laying down a layer of hay, you can help shield and insulate the soil from the blistering sun thus retaining water & cooling down the roots even more.