How To Clean Your Buds

Bud Dipping is relatively easy using the three bucket routine.

Buckets one and three are just plain water, while the second bucket contains citric acid. 

I simply dip a cola into the first bucket for 10 to 20 seconds, then shake as much debris off of it an repeat for heavily soiled buds.

The second bucket contains about 3 tablespoons of dissolved granulated citric acid. And just dip the bud in it for about 20 seconds, then hang up to soak and drip for a bit.

The third bucket is plain water for the final 20 second dip and rinse. I shake it up a little just to get as much debris off and that's it!

Outdoors my plants can get really dirty with bugs, caterpillar shit and spots of bud rot.

Bud rinsing can eliminate the mess involved with outdoor growing and leave you with a more terpine rich smelling product that'll travel throughout the house in no time flat.

Just hang dry the plants after rinsing and burp em when they're ready and you'll have some dank potent buds at the ready in no time.