Bruce Banner (2022) Grow Journal


  1. The feminized seed is from ILGM's (3x5) Hero Pack that I got last year.
  2. (4-29-22) Started 16-24 hour soak & paper towel germination.
  3. Planted (5-2-22)
  4. Sprouted (5-4-22)
  5. Topped (5-27-22)





Flower Time

Well, she recovered from that broken stalk and is flowering very nicely since the beginning of August.


Some of the monsoons have been tearing off minor branches, but I've got the main one's wired up and ready for more winds.




Need to blast out the dirt with water at the bottom of the wound..

Found her like this in the morning after the monsoon last night.

Much better!

Pulled it closer together 7-27-22

Was able to blow out the dirt from inside the wound and leverage the mend with the two wires tied on each opposing branches.

First attempt and I'll probably have to change this..
Perfect? almost.. 85 degrees or less would've been better. But out here in the high desert, you get what you get!

Vegging in July




Bruce Banner topped off five times for eight colas (7-3-22).

Low Stress Training (LST) in June





Topped in May

 First one of the season to be topped, because this one looked the healthiest and had enough nodes to meet the criteria:

Bruce Banner just over three weeks.

Sprouted in May

(5-4-22) I might come to believe that these plants are responding to heat and UV by protecting themselves as you can tell by the seed shells intact while sprouting.


Had to plant this baby really quick, the tap root was at least 2.5 inches when I put her in the ground. Not enough time for a photo op.. (5-2-22)

Soak & Germinate in late April

 Today (4-29-22) just before heading to work, we'll be starting a seed soak as a precursor to the paper towel germination process. Just plop it in the shot glass with some 7.0 pH filtered water for 16 to 24 hours.