And - Disaster..

But not really..

Holy shit right?!

The cool thing is that I've seen this before, because it happened to Black Widow and Wonder Woman last year.

By rights you'd think that this would be a total disaster for this Bruce Banner strain, because the main stalk is totally split down the middle.

And you'd be right if you didn't know what to do. So last year when this happened, I had to act quickly and grabbed some 14 gauge electrical wire and hastily tied the branches back together like I did here..

And luckily it worked, the plants fully recovered and produced a couple pounds of tasty bud!

There's still somewhat of a gap, but I've seen this before too and plants can still recover from something like this. So we'll just have to see and wait.. Fingers crossed!

I was at work last night when I heard of the storm from my coworkers and immediately thought holy shit - because I already knew that these things wreak havoc on my plants. But when I got home it was too dark to check on them, so when I got up this morning to find this - I again, had to act quickly and repair the damage from last nights monsoon. At least I didn't have to water them today!