Seeds and Strains

When To Grow?

All Season Growing:

You can grow any type of seed or clone indoors, but if you want to grow during autumn and winter like in an outdoor Green House without supplemental Grow Lights, then Autoflower Seeds is what you want.

And any seed or clone will do - like from the following examples:

Just remember that only autoflower seeds can be grown outdoors without supplemental Grow Lights. And due to the growth cycle of autoflowering plants, they can't be accessed as clones. But the cool thing is that they can be trained and manifolded to dramatically increase yields.

Which means regular and feminized seeds will need supplemental Grow Lights during the fall and winter. And when trained and manifolded to increase yields, the results may just blow you away.

Spring Through Summer Growing and Fall Harvests Outdoors:

You can grow all three types of Seeds and Clones in the list above, for early Summer and or Fall Harvesting.

Just keep in mind that Regular and Feminized Seeds or Clones are Photoperiod plants that will flower outdoors during July-August through October-November depending on where you live.

The exception is Autoflowering Seeds that are usually Feminized which produce Autoflowering Female plants when purchased from reputable Seed Banks and Breeders.

And the difference between Regular and Feminized Seeds is that Regular Seeds will produce either Male or Female plants, while Feminized Seeds strictly produce Female plants.

But if you want to breed your own seeds yourself, than Regular Seeds or Clones are the best candidate, because of the altered genetics that can come from Feminized and Autoflowering Feminized Strains.