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Here's a picture of a mixed cultivar - crossed with Triangle Kush.

Growing your own weed can be easy or hard, which is why we've created this site to help you out.

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 When beginning your first grow, you'll start from either seeds, or clones and indoor, or outdoor. Here are some helpful links to get you started.

Safety First!

Outdoor Growing

Indoor Growing


Organic Composting

Water & pH



* Note: Clone maintenance is almost the same as Seedlings, but you'll find that clones tend to grow more robust and faster from the start.

  1. When to Grow
  2. Obtaining Clones can be acquired by Dispensaries, because some of them have their own farms. Or you can network with other growers by checking out your local Hydroponic store.
  3. Cloning from Clones 


Mother Plant

Vegetative Stage

Flowering Stage 


Note: 3 Table Spoons of Citric Acid for 5 gallons of Water