Triangle Kush (2022) Grow Journal


  1. Got the Triangle Kush seeds as freebees from Humboldt CSI when I ordered '79 Xmas Bud IBL. These guys were trustworthy and pretty fast & take cash in the mail old school style! This strain is actually a hybrid of sorts because of what the label reads: Triangle Kush ~ Fallen Soldiers, Mixed Cultivars x Triangle Kush. Can't find it on the website, so it's probably some kind of rare experimental breed. But we call it Triangle Kush because of the crosses and basically just to simplify the naming process.
  2. (4-21-22) Started germination - (4-26-22) Popped
  3. Planted (4-27-22)
  4. (4-30-22) Sprouted in a week and two days.




21 Days Later..




August Preflowers



July Veg







Topped Off & (LST)

Triangle Kush - Low Stress Training (LST) in June. (6-16-22)



(5-4-22) Took off the screen above to find this.. will be replacing with another screen before I head to work..



Three days and she's sprouted! (4-30-22)

Took about a week and two days from germination..

Feed me Seymore!


Germinating The Bean

She finally popped today (4-26-22) only took five days and actually a whole lot better than last year.



I haven't finished filling in the hole for its grow area yet, so maybe after tomorrow it should be ready to plant.


Got her in the ground this morning around 6am (4-27-22). Must be the excitement, because I've been waking up way early in the morning like around 2am, then falling back asleep to get out of bed around 5:30 or so.

After germination I try to plant it with the root down, which can be kind of a feat because they're so damn tiny to grip with tweezers - while trying not to snap the root off.

After placing the germinated seed about a quarter to half an inch below the surface, simply pinch it in cover it up and add water. Remember to let the water rise to the top of the mound by placing the hose at the bottom of the reservoir. Seems like wasted water, but it trains the seedling to shoot deeper roots while self compacting the soil using gravity.

Cap it off to keep the pests away and call it a day!