2022 Season Update

At over a hundred degrees this summer, the elements have reigned some brutal heat on these babies. But since we've taken special precautions to battle the weather - our plants are doing quite well, despite some of my major fuck ups too.

Bruce Banner

Started strong right out of the gate, but still can't take direct sunlight without shade. We'll have to see what happens later on.



Skywalker OG

Got beat up at the beginning, but now shows a couple of colas and just may produce a few fat ones.


Triangle Kush

Is just the opposite, because she started great and all of a sudden had to lose three branches due to unknown causes. But now she's got at least three colas that we can work with.


Wonder Woman

Looked good from the beginning and continues to thrive, stretching out further in a full manifold than the others in direct sunlight without shade.