How To Get The Best Seeds

 Nowadays it's easy to get excellent genetic seeds that produce top notch potent weed. So the next thing to ask yourself is just how fast you wanna get from germination to final product?

And the answer is feminized seeds, because if you wanna get huge plants with the best buds in the fastest & easiest way possible than feminized seeds are the way to go. Because with feminized seeds, you'll already know that your plants are going to be female right out of the gate.


That means you won't be wasting time sexing plants to see if they're male or female. And because female plants are the one's that produce buds, it's obvious that these are the plants you're gonna need.

There's tons of seed banks all around the globe, so all you have to do is pick a couple that interest you and see if they sell feminized seeds which shouldn't be too hard because pretty much everyone is producing these kinds of seeds today.

Some say that you should pick strains that are capable of growing in your climate and this is sometimes up for debate. So the best thing to do is just pick strains that get your fancy and go with that. This method has proven to be a winner in most cases and if anything will teach you what strains not to pick next time.

Out of six or more strains I've had only a few that had problems with pests and fungus, even in the Arizona desert. My very first grow taught me how to deal with monsoon storms, broken branches and record degree heat.

I can tell you from experience that most if not all strains can be devastated by storms and heat. So pick your favorite strain anyway and go from there. Because when you're excited about what you're growing, the outlook is anticipated and finally pays off at harvest time.

In Golden Valley Arizona we're at 2,805 feet in elevation, with temps that get over 100 degrees and average winds of 11.8 miles per hour. Which basically means that as an outdoor grower, I need to get my roots deep, shore up my branches and keep them hydrated over the scorching summer.

There are other seeds out there like fast flowering, autoflowering, regular seeds and such, but if you want to know right away that your crop is going to be female than feminized right now is the way to go.

79' Xmas Bud from Humboldt CSI & Pirates of the Emerald Triangle (not feminized)

The IBL seeds in the pic above can be used to create feminized seeds - by growing them and forcing the female plants to make pollen like a male plant, by spraying the female plant with ionized silver. Which is used later to pollinate another female plant with pollen that only has female chromosomes which in turn produces female seeds about 99.999% of the time.

So for those who want immediate results, stick with feminized seeds during an outdoor growing season which is (now) by the way! Which basically means that you should've already had your seeds and already started the germination process like us..