Started Germinating!

 Well it's that time of the year again and I've got Skywalker OG, Triangle Kush, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Bubba Kush and Bruce Banner up to bat! So we're possibly looking at a 6 pound harvest at the very least!

Since I've only got a couple of holes dug out, I started with Skywalker OG and Triangle Kush first in paper towels on (4-21-22). And yesterday (4-24-22) started soaking Wonder Woman and Black Widow.

Skywalker OG looking good after two days (4-23-22)

Basically I'm just trying to get all my plants into the ground before the middle of May.

This way I can start manifolding them as soon as they hit around four to six nodes high or the equivalent of a foot or so.

The last frost in this area was April 10th, so getting them in the ground after the 25th ain't too bad.. We just didn't know for sure if we'd hit another cold spurt and complicate things. That's the contingencies of growing outdoors without a greenhouse.