Why Growing A Ton Of Huge Sticky Buds May NOT Be For You

 There's a discrepancy between wanting to grow massive crystalized buds and actually starting the process. One obstacle of which, is being prepared enough to grow on your own.

So I'm here to share with you what it takes to consistently grow your own sticky fat potent buds. First off, is that you have to know your grow area and if you wish to grow indoors or out.

You can save money by growing outside, because nature provides much of what you'll need to grow awesome weed on the cheap. Last year we grew a seven foot tall hybrid in direct sunlight that produced at least three to four pounds of sticky potent bud from one single plant.

And we can show you how to do the same thing!

Start With Your Grow Area

The seven foot tall Pak-Indi, free seed compliments of Big Island Genetics in Hawaii

The problem for us is that it gets over a hundred degrees every summer season and since the ideal temperature for growing weed is 60 to 85 degrees I'd say that we've got serious problems. But with shade, you can reduce it from direct radiation temps for up to at least 10 to 15 degrees per se. So at a hundred degrees in the direct sun, shade can help to eliminate the chances of your plants from burning up in the direct sunlight. On the cheap this kind of works - but to reduce the actual temperature, it would require the use of an enclosed area with added cooling like an AC or swamp cooler which can get pretty costly.

Next up is your actual growing space which can be indoors in a tent or outdoors in a semi enclosed area. Outdoors in Mohave County Arizona we have to deal with pests like quail, squirrels and rabbits. For us, keeping out most pests requires us to have a walled in area that keeps out the squirrels and rabbits. But as for the quail, a simple low cut chicken wire setup is handy just around the base of the plants to keep them from scratching around and messing up the hay that we use to insulate the ground from the heat and keep moisture in the ground.

Indoors you can control everything, but you have to provide everything too - like light, air circulation and temperature control. And the problem with an indoor setup is that your utility bills can instantly double.

Which is why we opt for a combination of indoor - using grow tents and outdoor using shade cloth and a green house.

Nature Can Help You

Outside the sun provides the full spectrum light and the wind for air circulation, plus the earths ions and beneficial soil microbes. But if your soil isn't rich enough you'll have to supplement with super soil, amendments and or nutrients.

You can bet on having a more abundant harvest outdoors than indoors, it's just how you can meet the requirements to achieve that target.

And if you want to know more about extending the vegetation time so that your plants can survive and thrive at over a hundred degrees in direct sunlight, while producing sticky potent buds - than check out our resource page and see for yourself how you can make it happen for you too!