Black Widow 2 (2022) Grow Journal

Black Widow 2


Planted into the ground (5-12-22) BW2 will be replacing BW1, she's now outside under some shade.


Black Widow 2

  1. Soak (5-5-22) and germinated (5-7-22)
  2. Planted in 2.5 inch pot (5-9-22)

Black Widow 1

Holy shit, this bitch is still alive! (5-7-22)

Went out to prep the Wonder Woman 2 sprout and dug up the Black Widow 1 area, only to find that she was growing under the soil! Trying to act like TKush from last year.

So I just put her back in the ground facing the sunlight, watered and gave her some shade. We'll see if she recovers and takes off like Wonder Woman 1.

  1. Got the feminized seeds from ILGM's (3x5) Hero Mix Pack last year.
  2. (4-24-22) Started germination - (4-26-22) Popped
  3. Planted into the ground (4-29-22) 
  4. Alive still! (5-7-22)
  5. Replanted into 2.5 inch pot, (see if I can nurse it back).


Black Widow 2

 Last in it's pack of Black Widow.. (5-5-22)

Black Widow 1

 Today (4-26-22) she started popping out in the germination napkins that I got from work! But I still haven't finished the holes outside, guess I better get on it!

Two days later, now this..