The Best Way To Kill Cannabis Seedlings

 Should've known these babies were gonna die, but I went and stuck em' in the ground anyway. I actually thought that since the temperature wasn't too hot, they would be able to handle the direct sunlight. I was wrong..

And as you know, sitting in the sunlight for long periods can give you a sunburn - so the same can happen to your plants and that's exactly what happened.

Skywalker OG getting cooked..

There's actually a ton of ways to kill seedlings, but even if you dot all your T's and cross your eyes - you just may find new and interesting ways to kill your weed. 😂

I'd show you some pics of the one's that didn't survive, but its just too depressing to even photograph them. Wonder Woman barely came out of the ground and Black Widow never broke the surface.

Looks like she's a tough little bitch and Wonder Woman might even make it (5-6-22), so never say never with these plants because they just might surprise you.