Planting! 2022

I've actually began planting since (4-25-22) and started with Skywalker OG. Today I planted Triangle Kush and now working on the holes for Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Bubba Kush and Bruce Banner.

Here's a pic of Triangle Kush getting ready to go into the ground..

The ground work can be a little back breaking, so health wise one should be in good shape to plant outdoors. Especially when you run into big ass rocks that need to be pulled out.

And after getting the hole dug out, I use a bottomless bucket and fill around it with dirt.

Then add some Big Rootz potting soil/compost into the bucket.

  • So far we're into about 3 bags of Big Rootz potting/compost soil. (4-29-22)

Just wiggle out the bucket and now you have a bucket sized potting soil in the center of the dirt, ready for a germinated seed.

Adding my pest barrier at this point is best so that the water can lock it in better.

Give it some water all the way to the top of the compost mound and you're ready for a seed!


After seeding and watering a second time, just cap the barrier with another screen and call it a day!