Made In The Shade

 After almost killing this years seedling crop, I was able to save four out of the six plants at our first location.

Skywalker OG lookin pretty shady.. (5-6-22)

Skywalker OG, Triangle Kush, Bruce Banner, Black Widow and Wonder Woman all sprouted and are in recovery. But the savior came from a tiny tragedy..

The misfortune is that our property has some privacy screen that's been falling apart over the years and I've been setting all the torn panels aside as they become unusable.

Luckily for the plants, they can now be used as shade screens for seedlings!


Unfortunately for us, now you can start to see the graveyard of broken down vehicles and car projects junk on the property - lookin like Sanford and Son, which matches the look of most of my neighbors houses around me anyway.

Eh, who cares - at least there's gonna be another bomb-ass harvest again!